The Best Book You’ll Read This Year (and It’s on Twitter)


You’re reading this blog because you’re looking for some good ideas. So here’s the best idea I have: please stop reading this immediately, and click over a remarkable place that, in my opinion, delivers more good ideas per square inch than anything else on the web:  Adam Grant’s Twitter account.

As we all know, Twitter is the ultimate mixed bag. But Adam (who teaches at Wharton, writes terrific books, and, full disclosure, is a friend) is delivering something very different. Such as:

And this

And this

And this

See what I mean? The man is an insight machine. He identifies a problem many people struggle with, and he points out a fresh way to think about it.  Adam is the king of improving mental models. If you just printed out his tweets, you’d have one of the better leadership books written in the last 10 years.  

Recently, I asked Adam how he did this. Here’s what he says: he reads a lot, and then limits himself to ten minutes per day on social media. Which is precisely the kind of insight that you might find in an Adam Grant tweet: setting tight time limits doesn’t kill creativity; it amplifies it.

So if you don’t follow Adam, start!

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