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Here’s Google’s Holy Grail for Measuring Leadership Skill (How Do You Stack Up?)

Few groups on the planet are more obsessed at unearthing the secrets of cultural success than Google. They use their massive analytical muscle to continually study thousands of their teams to see what works best, what doesn’t, and how to improve.  What’s really useful, however, is Google’s willingness to let outsiders peek inside their findings.
So here’s …

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The Remedy for Bad Apples

It’s the oldest problem: what should you do about bad apples in your group, those chronically negative, team-sabotaging people who possess a genius for dragging others down?
The most straightforward solution is to simply fire them. Many groups have zero tolerance for bad apples (“No Dickheads” is the way the New Zealand All-Blacks rugby team puts …

Boredom is Underrated

Check out this story of Eric Thames, a washed-up ballplayer who used his time in the Korean league to transform his skills. As this story shows, boredom isn’t a problem; it’s the solution, because it gives you the opportunity to reflect, plan, and build something new.
Eric Thames and the Transformative Power of Boredom