The Talent Code Trailer – Short Version (40 sec.)

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Doing this video was fun and memorable and kind of odd.  We shot it in the Homer Public Library and at Bishop’s Beach, about a mile from my house. 


So yes, those are icebergs behind me. (It was early March in Alaska – though I should also point out that there were a few surfers catching waves just out of the camera’s view.)

And yes, I nearly shattered our new library’s expensive windows when I hit that golf ball. I didn’t mean to hit it. The idea was to take a half swing and later add in a sound effect as if I’d hit it. But as you can see, things didn’t quite work out that way.

How long did it take to learn the trick? About three months, practicing a few minutes a day. One day my daughter walked in while I was practicing in my office over the garage. She watched intently for a few seconds. Then she asked,“So is that what you do up here every day?”

Thanks to George Overpeck, who did the filming, editing, and production, to John Whittier, who helped with technical matters, and to Scott Dickerson, who helped figure out the concept. Also to librarian Teresa Sundmark, who was really nice even when there were golf balls zinging past her ear.