The Culture Playbook

By Daniel Coyle

New York Times Bestselling Author

The Culture Playbook: 60 Highly Effective Actions to Help Your Group Succeed
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About The Culture Playbook

The ultimate handbook for fostering and cultivating a strong team culture.

Building a team has never been harder than it is right now. How do you create connection and trust? How do you stay focused on your goals? In his years studying the ways successful groups work together, Daniel Coyle has spent time with elite teams around the world, observing the ways they support each other, manage conflict, and move toward a common goal. In The Culture Playbook, he distills everything he has learned into sixty concrete, actionable tips and exercises that will help your team build a cohesive, positive culture.

Great cultures, Coyle has found, are built on three essential skills: safety, vulnerability, and purpose. Within this framework, he shows us how we can better serve our teammates, ourselves, and our shared purpose.

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  • “‘Your Culture = Your Actions.’ With that simple phrase, Dan Coyle nails the most important and elusive element of building great cultures, and then delivers concrete actions you can take—today—to ensure that you’re building an amazing culture every day.”

    Laszlo Bock, CEO of Humu

  • “If you are a leader – or if you work with one – and want to understand how to build psychological safety, trust, and a sense of purpose for your team, then you need this book.”

    Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit

  • “An invaluable companion to Dan Coyle’s classic, The Culture Code, The Culture Playbook offers an integrated set of simple, powerful exercises for anyone serious about creating a culture where people can thrive and do their best work. Refreshingly practical, this is really a workbook with a playful bent and taking it seriously will help any group succeed.”

    Amy C. Edmondson, Professor, Harvard Business School

  • “As an entrepreneur and founder of a new investment bank led by women, The Culture Playbook has been an invaluable asset for me, providing tools and techniques as I work to unleash my team’s full power and potential in an ever-evolving workplace. Dan Coyle has given us all a game plan for success.”

    Anne Clarke Wolff, CEO/Founder Independence Point Advisers

Build Your Game Plan

You might think that culture is “the soft stuff”—the warm and fuzzy intangibles. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Science has shown that strong culture is created by the continual exchange of three key behaviors.

  1. Building Safety

    Strong cultures are built through the exchange of belonging cues—small, vivid behaviors that send a crystal-clear message: We are connected. We share a future. You matter.

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  2. Sharing Vulnerability

    Vulnerability doesn’t come after trust—it comes before. Taking a risk, when done alongside others, causes the solid ground od trust to materialize beneath our feet.

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  3. Establishing Purpose

    Creating a sense of purpose is extensive, collaborative, and organic. The process: to continually reflect together about what matters most, and then to translate that meaning into tangible signals.

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