My First Reader

One of the big moments for a new book happens about 90 days before publication, when the bound galleys arrive from the printer. Bound galleys are basically a paperback with a generic cover, designed to be sent around for early readers. They are the dress rehearsals of the book world: not perfect, but close enough to give the feeling of the real thing.

Last week, the moment arrived. One of the first copies went to Andy Ward, my editor at Bantam/Random House, who brought it home to the busy, book-filled home he shares with his wife and their two soccer-playing, ballet-dancing daughters.

On Saturday morning, Andy was driving his younger daughter to her year-end ballet recital — a big deal, with an audience of 200 or so — when he turned around and saw this:

Andy reports she then went out and rocked the recital.

There’s something else you should know about Andy: his wife, Jenny Rosenstrach, is the author of a remarkable new book called Dinner: A Love Story, which is is designed to help families tap into the simple power of the family meal.

Now, I could tell you how well the book is written, or how fantastically useful and smart it is, or how beautiful it is. I could tell you how much I’ve learned from it already (how to properly fold a burrito — who knew?) or how my family and I are loving Jenny’s recipes.

But mostly, I just want to tell you that you should buy it. Also, check out their terrific blog.

PS — Jenny’s gonna be talking DALS on the Today Show on Wednesday, June 13. Check it out.