A Quick Glimpse into the Future of Learning


This clip got sent around last week among some top Olympic coaches, and quickly went viral in that community. As smart coaches do, they immediately started talking about how they might use this technology as a learning tool. Click it and you’ll see why.

At first impression, it just looks like a super-cool visual effect: guys using a homemade array of 15 cameras to achieve the famed “bullet view” from the Matrix movies. (As Keanu would say, Whooaaaa.)

Now imagine that, instead of biker-dudes doing flips, you used the array to capture:

  • A great guitarist navigating a Hendrix solo — showing the fingers, the wrist angle, the touch of each individual string
  • A downhill skier executing a series of slalom turns — zoomed in on the knee angle, the weight shift, the tilt of the ankle
  • A volleyball player executing variations of each basic move: bump, set, spike
  • An elementary-school teacher managing a classroom, handling interruptions, focusing attention
  • A salesperson making a pitch, using body language and expression to create engagement

We are all visual learners. Giving people the opportunity to stare at top performers in HD slow-mo, over and over, is exactly like handing them a blueprint.

The larger point: this kind of technology is only going to get cheaper and more available. Which means the deeper question is this: how are you going to use this stuff?

Also: the future is going to be really fun.

(Big thanks to John Kessel and Peter Vint for sharing.)