The Little Team

Once upon a time, there was a soccer team. They were very small, and very young, and not very skilled. All the other teams were bigger and faster, and scored more goals.

A lot more goals.

Two hundred and seventy-one goals in one season, to be precise.

But here’s the mysterious and wonderful thing: the little team still had fun. They loved playing. They loved the game, and each other.

Meet the kids and coaches of Margatania FC, the team from Spain that provides us a recipe for healthy youth sports:

  • 1) mellow, quiet, no-pressure parents
  • 2) nurturing coaches
  • 3) fun-focused culture
  • 4) long-term perspective

As one player jubilantly says, “We’ll score goals when we grow old!”

Related fact: Spain also produces some of the world’s greatest soccer talent. Do you think that’s a coincidence?

(Big thanks to the great John Kessel for sharing the link.)