Want a Learning Culture? Put this Video on Repeat

From a distance, learning and innovation look simple and elegant — effortless. 

But that’s an optical illusion. In fact, it feels far closer to the process captured here (tip: skip the intro and go straight to the 10-second mark): 

I love this because it demonstrates a deep truth: innovation is about a willingness to get obsessed with solving a problem. About embracing the pain of feedback and improve a little bit each time. About wiping out a bunch. And about having a group rooting you on.

For groups, this means having leaders that embrace the discomfort of this entire painful, insane, rewarding process. My favorite moment happens at the 1:20 mark, when Jerry points at his head and says, “That’s it! I found it… I found it.” I love that. Because it shows that failure is not really failure; it’s seeking.